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‘Why I March’ photo book serves as Women’s March reminder 4564 Press Release
Votantes latinos apoyan acceso a anticonceptivos y aborto seguro, estudio 4902
Women and Immigrant Rights Advocates Fought Back Against Harmful Bills 4571 Press Release
The Women’s Health Report Card that elected officials in more than 20 states would prefer you didn’t see 4256 Press Release
House Allows for Creation of Select Panel to Investigate Planned Parenthood 4345 Press Release
El Voto de las Latinas Continúa Siendo Fuerte a Pesar de Represión - Mezcla de victorias progresistas y pérdidas prueba que ningún grupo de votantes puede ser tomado por hecho 4257 Press Release
House Appropriations Committee Passes Abortion Restriction for Detained Women 4061 RH Reality Check
National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health Statement on Most Recent Attacks Against the Black Community 4462 Press Release
#MyFeminismIs Campaign gets support from Latinas 4395 Latina
McAllen Community Members and Abortion Providers Rally to Protect Abortion Access 4420 Press Release
Supporters of DREAMers worry Trump will immediately rescind Obama's immigration program for young illegal immigrants 4535
Texas's Culture Wars Have Created a Public Health Disaster for Women 4071 New Republic
7 Lies We Have to Stop Telling About Latina Women in America 4065 Policymic
Pro-Choice Groups Fighting Back Against Onslaught of Abortion Restrictions 4548
The National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health celebrated 20th anniversary with gala, legislative advocacy day 4265 Press Release
New Non-partisan Analysis of House’s Health Care Bill Proves It’s Still a Bad Plan 4634 Press Release
Immigration Reform Update: Advocacy, Civil Rights Groups Urge Obama to Ensure Executive Action Includes Undocumented LGBT Immigrants 4041 Latin Post
NLIRH Hosts National Advocacy Summit 2017, Bringing Latina Leaders From Across the Country to Lobby for Immigrant Justice 4676 Press Release
No, the GOP Is Not About to Capture Latino Voters 4104 National Journal
Strong Majority of Latino/as hold compassionate views on abortion 482 Press Release Press Release
The health care reform fight continues, but your voices are being heard! 236 Press Release Breaking News
Women of Color Respond: What Hobby Lobby Decision Means for our Communities Press Conference 4153 Press Release Press Release
Despite Opposition from Reproductive Health and Immigrants’ Rights Advocates, House Committee Passes Restrictions on Women's Health in Homeland Security Bill 3986 Press Release Press Release
World AIDS Day reminder that systemic barriers leave Latinas at higher risk 527 Press Release Press Release