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During our 3rd annual Latina Week of Action for Reproductive Justice we'll be hosting a Soy Poderosa blog carnival. 

Each year we invite bloggers, activists and allies to write about an issue the matters to the Latina community, and this year we'll be writing about what civic power looks like in our community. 

¡Soy Poderosa! is about showing what makes the Latina community powerful and how we are influencing the political process.

We know that Latinas are actively engaged in shaping our families and communities. But we aren’t always seen as the powerful constituency that we are.

Join us during the week of August 6-10, 2012, and write about how you are poderosa/powerful. You can write a post on your own blog or tumblr and we'll include it in our blog carnival round-up, or you can submit a guestpost for possible publication at the NLIRH blog

How do you influence your community? Do you participate in local government? Do you vote? Do you organize to improve the conditions of your community? Do you encourage your elected officials to take actions that represent you and your issues? Do you talk with your friends and family about the issues you care about? Volunteer with local groups?

We all participate in our own way and that is why we are Poderosas.

Email miriam [at] latinainstitute [dot] org with questions and links to your blog carnival submission. 

Blog Carnival Submissions:

Choice USA: Mi Familia Poderosa: How Sex Education Changed my Family

El Blog del Migrante: Soy Poderosa because

Raising Women's Voices: We are healthy, We are powerful

Soy Poderosa because I resist: Undocumented and Unafraid

Poderosa Profile: Lucy Felix of the Rio Grande Valley

Radical Doula: Soy Poderosa

Poderosa Profile: Dian Alarcon

Environmental Justice is NOT for Sale at Your Neighborhood Food Store

Poderosa Profile: Margie del Castillo

Poderosa Profile: Veronica Arreola

Soy poderosa because I can lend my voice in solidarity

The Community Catalyst Blog: Moving Latinas Health Forward

What the Affordable Care Act Hydes

Soy poderosa because of my struggles and the struggles of those before me

We all have a stake in this election, in every election

Soy Poderosa because I am a sex-ed advocate

Soy Poderosa: Why Millenials lead in Texas and beyond

Soy Poderosa because I am engaged

Latinas--Si Somos Poderosas

Community health centers, immigrants and the power of our voices

The Affordable Care Act helps us be Más Poderosas!

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