“Past trainings provided by the Latina Institute have helped me frame the messages around reproductive health and have connected me with other NYC Latinas working on similar issues. These trainings have been instrumental for someone who does not work in the reproductive justice field.” - NLIRH Activist Diana Salas

Latinas Organizing for Leadership and Advocacy trainings (LOLA)


The National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health has the objective of forming a diverse group of Latin@ leaders to promote the movement for reproductive justice. Our goal is to strengthen the voices of Latinas and empower them to be recognized as a powerful group with the capacity to influence public policy that is directly affecting our lives, our families, and our communities. The LOLA (Latinas Organizing for Leadership and Advocacy) Trainings are a step towards accomplishing those goals, for which we invite activists from different levels and experiences within the social justice realm to participate. The LOLA trainings are designed to be a space where we can share our experiences, learn new abilities, and work strategically on a campaign for reproductive health rights.

Our LOLA training will take place on Oct 18-20th in Miami, FL. This intensive 3-day training will provide Latin@ activists with various different sessions including the history of the movement for reproductive rights, abortion access, models for community organizing and specific skills-building to prepare a campaign. After the training, graduates of the LOLA will continue being part of NLIRH's national network of Latin@ activists and will become leaders in reproductive justice within Miami.

To register for this training, please fill out the application here: After NLIRH reviews your application, the organization will contact you for a short phone interview. This is a competitive process and we have limited space available. If you are selected to participate in the training, please be prepared to fully commit to the three day training in its entirety. The deadline to submit an application is Oct 11, 2013.

Our bilingual (English & Spanish) LOLA trainings seek to build a group of Latina leaders, strengthen the voices of Latinas and enable them to be seen as a powerful group who can influence policy decisions that directly impact our lives, our families and our communities.

Our LOLA Reproductive Justice Institute is an intense three day training designed to be a space where we can share our experiences, learn new skills, and strategize around reproductive justice campaigns. This training is now available by request.
Specific training components include:

  •      Latina Reproductive Health & Rights
  •      Organizing 101: Introduction to Social Change Theory & Strategies
  •      Building a Latina Movement
  •      Communicating for Reproductive Justice
  •      Starting a Reproductive Justice Campaign

NLIRH also offers issue and skills based LOLA trainings, with priority access given to our Latina Advocacy Networks, the Southwest Partnership and members of our affiliated organizations:

  • Reproductive Justice 101 & Launching a Reproductive Justice Campaign

This workshop will introduce participants to the reproductive justice framework and provide some basic tools for launching a reproductive justice campaign in your community.

  • Immigrant Rights as a Matter of Reproductive Justice

This workshop will make connections between the immigrant rights and reproductive justice movements. Participants will re-visit what is reproductive justice, delve into some immigration history and get a better understanding of why immigrant rights is a matter of reproductive justice. Participants will also learn about current issues at the intersections of immigrant rights and reproductive justice and how they can get involved. 

  • Participatory Action Research (PAR)

PAR is one of the tools that can be used by activists, promotores, and other community members to make changes that improve reproductive and social justice. In PAR, community members are researcher-activists. They document their community’s needs and strengths. They then use that information to make policy and program changes that advance the reproductive health of Latinas, their families and their communities. This kind of advocacy combines social science research, education and transformative action. Participants will learn about PAR and will leave with a plan for creating and implementing a PAR project in their community.

  • Unplanned Pregnancy Options Counseling & Values Clarification

This workshop will help participants create the space to talk with a woman about her options while facing an unplanned pregnancy. In addition, participants will explore their own values around the three options facing a woman with an unplanned pregnancy: adoption, parenting, and abortion.

Interested in learning more about these trainings? Email liz [at] latinainstitute [dot] org.