November, 2012

Reflections On My One-Year Anniversary: Latinas Hold the Power and Potential of This Nation’s Future

RH Reality Check, 11/02/2012

I recently celebrated my first anniversary as the executive director of the National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health (NLIRH). It’s been quite a year—I’ve traveled to a dozen states, met with everyone from Latina teen moms struggling to make a better life for their children, to DREAMers advocating for a just immigration system, to the President and Vice President of the United States. All while juggling the life of a working mom, often with either baby or breast pump in tow!

Latino Voters’ Election Day Statement: ‘Give My Parents Papers’

Color Lines, 11/12/2012

Edgar Vanegas was the one who cast his ballot for President Obama last Tuesday—but it’s really Edgar’s mother that the re-elected president ought to thank. It was the Colorado mom, after all, who hounded her son to register to vote, and then urged him to follow through. “I wasn’t really planning on voting because I never voted before,” Vanegas, a 21-year-od Aurora resident, said over the phone. “This year my mom kept on telling me to vote and she convinced me and well, yeah, I did.” Read more »

En las noticias

Los políticos deben escuchar las demandas de las hispanas

El Diario, 11/13/2012

En la noche de las elecciones, las latinas sin lugar a dudas, demostraron a la nación y a los políticos que somos un electorado influyente que puede mover las elecciones.

Como un bloque creciente de votantes, en números récords nos presentamos a las urnas e impulsamos al presidente Barack Obama a la victoria, votando abrumadoramente por él e influenciando a nuestros compañeros latinos, amigos, padres, tíos e hijos para que hicieran lo mismo. Read more »

Immigrants, minority groups skeptical about Republican outreach

Reuters, 11/18/2012

Latinos, African-Americans and other minorities who helped President Barack Obama win a second term are skeptical about enhanced Republican outreach to their communities, but also say the future of the coalition that shaped the 2012 election may be fragile.

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Pediatricians Urged to Prescribe Plan B to Teens

Fox News Latino, 11/28/2012

Plan B, also known as the "morning-after pill," is displayed on a pharmacy shelf in Boston, Massachusetts. (Getty)

Should pediatricians prescribe emergency contraception to teens who’ve had unprotected sex? A group of health experts believe so. Read more »