July, 2012

Reactions to the Supreme Court’s Affordable Care Act Decision

Our Bodies Ourselves, 07/03/2012

Last Thursday, the Supreme Court ruled to largely uphold the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, or health care reform. The Act should help women access a number of preventive services and help them access healthcare more easily. Read more »

Mujeres Applauds Supreme Court Ruling on Affordable Health Care

Extra News: Two Languages, Una Voz, 07/05/2012

On June 26, the Supreme Court of the United States affirmed the constitutionality of the historic Affordable Care Act (ACA). The following is a statement by Mujeres Latinas en Acción:

Mujeres Latinas en Acción applauds this decision as a momentous victory for Latinas, and other groups who face significant barriers that prevent them from accessing health care and preventive services. Read more »

Hispanic leaders, experts weigh in on “Obamacare”

Latina Lista, 07/10/2012

Now that the Supreme Court has validated President Obama’s hallmark Affordable Care Act, the states must grapple with interpreting and implementing its 2,801 pages. As the cliché goes, the devil is in the detail.

When the verdict was announced June 28, many Hispanic experts and organizational leaders hailed its passage as a victory. A follow-up survey by Hispanic Link News Service has found others are raising strong objections about some of its substantive provisions. Read more »

When the Law Targets Latinos: The Battles Yet to Be Fought

The Daily Beast , 07/12/2012

Latinos across the country are celebrating the Supreme Court’s decision to uphold the Affordable Care Act—and rightly so. Currently, 1 in 3 Latinos are uninsured, and the community stands to benefit greatly by improvements in health-care access. However, important battles for immigrants and Latinos remain. Read more »

ACLU Says Emails by Arizona Immigration Law Sponsor Show Anti-Latino Bias

Fox News Latino, 07/20/2012

Opponents of Arizona's hard-line immigration enforcement law are using emails sent by a former state senator who championed the law to support allegations it was racially motivated.

The American Civil Liberties Union obtained thousands of Russell Pearce's emails through a public records request.

They're part of a new legal effort by civil rights groups to block police from enforcing the Arizona law's so-called "show me your papers" provision recently upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court. Read more »

Contraception and sex ed enjoy wide Latino support, poll finds

NBC Latino , 07/27/2012

A majority of Latinos support broad access to contraception, a poll finds.

A new study shows Latinos strongly support contraception and sex education. When it comes to abortion, less than half of Latinos think it should be legal in all or most cases, yet there was strong support for tolerance. Read more »