Mayo, 2012

Opinion: Hispanics in the mainstream on most issues

NBC Latino, 05/16/2012

CHICAGO — For me, the most difficult thing about a full week of news reporting and punditry regarding President Obama’s historic embrace of same-sex marriage has been getting buffeted by worn-out stereotypes about how Hispanics will act on the revelation at the ballot box in November.
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Latinas At The Intersections: Immigration, Health Care, And The Supreme Court

The Huffington Post, 05/29/2012

The Supreme Court will soon issue decisions on the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act health care reform law and the harsh Arizona anti-immigration law SB 1070--two laws that have already had farreaching consequences for Latinas and could continue to shape our lives for years to come. Each case is complex, and potential outcomes are many. But regardless of how the Court rules in each of these cases, there is no doubt this is a profound moment in our civil and human rights history--one that will impact our collective efforts toward a more just and humane society.
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