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The Texas Latina Advocacy Network (TX LAN) operates as an extension of NLIRH, serving as the voice and advocacy presence in Texas. TX LAN works with activists throughout Texas to organize our communities around issues-based campaigns that impact our families and our lives.

NLIRH began organizing and recruiting Latinas in the Rio Grande Valley in Texas in 2006 while working with local organizations and community leaders to advance women’s issues in the region. The TX LAN was created after a diverse group of Latinas and Latinos participated in a LOLA training in February 2007.  The activists that have been engaged with the TX LAN over the years center their organizing on increasing access to reproductive health care for all women and their strategic campaigns have involved marches, health fairs, letter writing campaigns and meetings with local officials. Campaigns they have tackled include obtaining necessary transportation access in rural communities and mobilizing to expand reproductive health care access by collecting thousands of signed letters, making hundreds of calls, and conducting countless in-district visits to elected representatives. The TX LAN’s outreach strategies are community focused and their issue campaigns are conducted on a continual basis, strategically aligned with NLIRH’s areas of focus. The TX LAN constantly cultivates and expands their base in the Rio Grande Valley, organizing in all four counties in the Valley and expanding its network to Corpus Christi, San Antonio, Houston and El Paso.

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