What We Do

National Advocacy Weekend


“I’m very grateful for being in an environment which taught me that I can do things even if it takes time”

-2013 NAW Participant

National Advocacy Weekend (NAW) is a space for Latina Advocacy Network (LAN) activists from different states throughout the nation to come together and experience the federal legislative and policy process.

The fifth National Advocacy Weekend was held on March 15-19, 2013 in Washington, D.C. During National Advocacy Weekend, LAN activists participate in advanced advocacy training sessions and meet with national legislators and staffers. Ultimately, National Advocacy Weekend is a venue to network and strategize with other Latina activists from different states around reproductive justice campaigns. By the end of the weekend, LAN activists will have acquired new skills, knowledge, and experience to build upon the leadership role they play within their Latina Advocacy Networks, their communities, and states advocating for reproductive justice.

Training components include legislative education and how to develop a reproductive justice campaign. During the meetings at Capitol Hill, LAN activists will discuss with their Congressional representatives current legislation related to health disparities, abortion access and/or immigration.

Information for the 2015 National Advocacy Weekend coming soon!