Who We Are

Advisory Committees

National Advisory Committee

The National Advisory Committee (NAC)  is a resource entity and sounding board for NLIRH’s policy program. The purpose of the NAC is to assist NLIRH in moving its policy agenda forward.  Currently, NLIRH’s policy priorities include improving access to abortion and reproductive health care services for Latinas, reducing health disparities, and advancing immigration reform that address the needs of immigrant women.  NAC advises NLIRH on specific policy solutions and offers strategies on engaging Latinos in the reproductive justice movement.

Latina Advocacy Network Advisory Council (LANAC)

The goal of LANAC is to strengthen participation from LOLA and Latina Advocacy Network (LAN) activists in the work of NLIRH, improve communication between activists in different states and continue building leadership among Latinas Organizing for Leadership and Advocacy (LOLA) graduates and LAN members.

The LANAC is a group comprised of two representatives from each LAN. The two representatives will act as liaisons between their local group, the LANAC and NLIRH staff. The LANAC is a chance for our activists to play a leadership role in the National Latina movement for reproductive justice, as well as stay updated on current issues affecting the reproductive rights of our community.

Research Advisory Committee

The Research Advisory Committee provides review and feedback on the design and rigor of NLIRH research projects. The committee is invaluable in ensuring that NLIRH research projects consider a broad range of concerns related to its design and implementation.

Latina, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer Advisory Committee

The LGBTQ Advisory Committee for the National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health is both a resource and a sounding board for our developing LGBTQ project.  Made up of activists, scholars, and policy experts, it is the purpose of this advisory committee to aid in identifying the areas in LGBTQ Latin@s’ health that NLIRH is well-placed to address, as well as to strategize on engaging our community in these efforts.