Nid News Type Source
National Latina Institute and Women of Color United Demand Health Care Reform Now 445 Press Release Press Release
Women of Color United for Health Reform activates over a thousand women across America to call Congress 446 Press Release Press Release
Obama’s Budget Leaves Poor Latinas in Peril 447 Press Release Press Release
Court orders FDA to reconsider decision on access to emergency contraception 448 Press Release Press Release
Births to unmarried women on the rise 449 Press Release Press Release
Judge Sonia Sotomayor nominated to become nation's first Latina justice 450 Press Release Press Release
DR. Pablo Rodriguez named to Board of National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health 451 Press Release Press Release
CDC Removes Discriminatory HPV Vaccination Requirement for Immigrant Women and Girls: Victory for Reproductive Justice Advocates 452 Press Release Press Release
Competing rallies turn boisterous outside courthouse 408 In the News USA Today
The Affordable Care Act Improves Latina Health 407 In the News Yahoo! News
Obama's Revised Contraception Mandate Receives Praise from Latina Health Group 406 In the News Fox News Latino
Congresswomen defend birth control for all 405 In the News People's World
National Latina Institute Rallies at Supreme Court 409 In the News Hispanically Speaking News
Latinas At The Intersections: Immigration, Health Care, And The Supreme Court 410 In the News The Huffington Post
Opinion: Hispanics in the mainstream on most issues 411 In the News NBC Latino
My Day at Court 412 In the News Huffington Post - Latino Voices
Opinion: Accommodation on Birth Control Exemption Still Broadens Access for Latinas 413 In the News Fox News Latino
Photo Essay: Women's Health Issues Along the Border 414 In the News The Texas Tribune
Why Are We Surprised? Latin@s, Reproductive Health & Abortion 404 In the News Amplify Your Voice
Secular Coalition Calls for Boehner and U.S. House to Respect Individual Religious Liberty in HHS Ruling on Contraceptives 403 In the News Secular Coalition for America
Anti-abortion rights group: “Single most dangerous place for a Latina … is in her mother’s womb” 393 In the News NBC Latino
Continúa controversia por inclusion de anticonceptivos en planes de seguros 394 In the News Telemundo
Latina Advocacy Group Launches New Campaign, “¡Soy Poderosa!” 395 In the News PR Web
Controversy Engulfs Susan G. Komen for the Cure 396 In the News Women's E News
Susan G. Koman Reversal on Planned Parenthood Praised by National Latina Institute 397 In the News Fox News Latino