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The National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health prepares to celebrate 20 years building Latina power for reproductive justice 4247 Press Release Press Release
Latinas condemn House vote to undo protections for immigrant women and families H.R. 5759 demonstrates House leadership’s failure to advance humane immigration reforms 4246 Press Release Press Release
Latina reproductive justice advocates condemn police violence against Black communities, endorse national march 4231 Press Release Press Release
Latina vote remains strong in the face of suppression - Mix of progressive gains and losses proves no constituency can be taken for granted 4221 Press Release Press Release
Debunking the Myth That Latinos Are Anti-Choice 4220 In the News
Survey: Most Texas Latino Voters Support Women's Right To Make Abortion Decisions 4218 In the News National Partnership for Women and Families
Turkish Women Gain Financing; 25 Nigerians Grabbed 4216 In the News Thomas Reuters Foundation
Poll: Texas Latinos Support Choice When It Comes to Abortion 4214 In the News Press Release
Texas Latinos respect women 4212 In the News South Texas Chisme
New Poll: Texas Latino Voters Support Abortion Access 4210 In the News Progress Texas
Texas Latinos Overwhelmingly Support Abortion Rights 4208 In the News 9ija News
Texas Latinos Overwhelmingly Support Abortion Rights 4206 In the News The News on Time
Polls: Voters Connect Abortion Access and Economic Opportunities 4204 In the News RH Reality Check
Mayoría de latinos en Texas piensa que el aborto es asunto de la mujer 4203 In the News La Voz de Houston
Actually, Young People Are Leading the Abortion Access Movement Forward 4201 In the News RH Reality Check
Latinas in Texas: Abortion Should Be Legal 4197 In the News Cosmopolitan
More News to Cheer This Week 4196 In the News Women's E-News
Poll: Texas Latinos support choice when it comes to abortion 4195 In the News Valley Morning Star
Wirthman: Is Colorado the next Texas? 4188 In the News The Denver Post
10 Myths About Latinas That Just Won't Die 4186 In the News Cosmopolitan
Texas Attorney General Greg Abbot Calls Abortion Clinic Closure Inconvenient, But Not A Burden 4184 In the News Bustle
Poll: Texas Latinos support choice when it comes to abortion 4183 In the News The Monitor
Texas Latinos Overwhelmingly Support Abortion Rights 4181 In the News Huffington Post
Nueva encuesta dice que los votantes latino/as en Texas mantienen opiniones de apoyo con respecto al aborto, creen que los seguros de salud deberían cubrir los anticonceptivos y servicios de aborto 4173 Press Release Press Release
New poll says Latino/a voters in Texas hold supportive views on abortion, believe health insurance should cover birth control and abortion services 4172 Press Release Press Release