Nid News Type Source
Increased Health Risks for Latina Women Don't Stop at the Border 4069 In the News Huffington Post - Latino Voices
Texas abortion law creates obstacles for Valley women 4068 In the News USA Today
The Women of Texas -- Part 2 of a Series 4067 In the News Huffington Post
7 Lies We Have to Stop Telling About Latina Women in America 4066 In the News Policymic
7 Lies We Have to Stop Telling About Latina Women in America 4065 Policymic
Obama Lets Down Immigrant Women 4064 The Daily Beast
Pro-Immigration Protesters Rally at Congressman Farenthold's Office 4063 In the News KIIITV South Texas
House Appropriations Committee Passes Abortion Restriction for Detained Women 4061 RH Reality Check
How a Fake Phone Number Teaches Guys About Feminism 4060 In the News Yahoo! News
Florida Governor Signs Bill Further Restricting Later Abortions 4059 In the News RH Reality Check
Latinas Fight Restrictions On Women's Health In Immigration Detention Centers 4058 In the News Bust
What The Hobby Lobby Ruling May Mean for LGBT People 4056 In the News
Unanimous Supreme Court Strikes Massachusetts Buffer Zone Law 4054 In the News RH Reality Check
Supreme Court Strikes Down President Obama's Recess Appointments, Buffer Zones for Abortion Clinics 4053 In the News Latin Post
Jessica González-Rojas on the Melissa Harris-Perry Show 4052 In the News The Melissa Harris-Perry Show
Me and my affordable birth control: voices the supreme court must hear 4049 In the News The Guardian
Supreme Court Supremely Wrong on ‘Hobby Lobby’ 4047 In the News RH Reality Check
Kimberly I. McGuire on The Big Picture 4046 In the News The Big Picture
New Report Says U.S. Health Care Violates U.N. Convention on Racism 4043 In the News Colorlines
Immigration Reform Update: Advocacy, Civil Rights Groups Urge Obama to Ensure Executive Action Includes Undocumented LGBT Immigrants 4041 Latin Post
Judge knocks down major parts of new Texas abortion law 4039 In the News Christian Science Monitor
Los Defensores de la Salud de las Latinas Aplauden la Decisión de la Corte de Texas al Anular la Ley HB2 4036 Press Release Press Release
Latina health advocates applaud Texas court’s decision to strike down HB 2 4035 Press Release Press Release
Organizations call on President Obama to restore access to health care in DACA program and ensure health care access in future administrative relief 4034 Press Release Press Release