Nid News Type Source
National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health Files Amicus Brief in Zubik v Burwell 4425 Press Release Press Release
McAllen Community Members and Abortion Providers Rally to Protect Abortion Access 4420 Press Release
Latinas Applaud President’s Veto of the Reconciliation Act Latinas Urge Congress to Pursue Policies that Advance Women’s Health 4415 Press Release Press Release
Latino/a Health and Civil Rights Advocates File Amicus Brief in Whole Woman’s Health v. Cole 4412 Press Release Press Release
Regrettable and Out of Touch: Jeh Johnson’s Justification of Department of Homeland Security’s Mass Deportation Plan 4410 Press Release Press Release
Más de 100 mil mujeres de Texas se han autoinducido un aborto 4402 In the News Univision
240,000 Texas Woman Have Tried to Self-Induce Abortion 4401 In the News Yahoo! News
At least 100,000 Texas women have resorted to inducing their own abortions 4400 In the News Press Release
For Undocumented Women Seeking Reproductive Healthcare, Policing and Politics Create a Maze of Barriers 4399 In the News Feministing
Supreme Court Will Hear Abortion Case That Could Destroy the Right to Choose 4398 In the News Press Release
Texas Tackles Reweaving a Tangled Repro Health Safety Net Without Planned Parenthood 4397 In the News Press Release
Latina Travels to Capitol Hill to Demand Abortion Access for Low-Income Families 4396 In the News Latina
#MyFeminismIs Campaign gets support from Latinas 4395 Latina
This Is What It's Like to Be a Latina Reproductive Rights Activist 4394 In the News Cosmopolitan
Latinas de Long Island se suman a lucha por salario mínimo 4393 In the News El Diario
Women of Color Leaders Call for a Change: End Barriers to Abortion Care 4392 In the News Press Release
Human Trafficking Senate Compromise Will Deny Abortion Funding to Survivors 4391 In the News RH Reality Check
Activistas latinas llevan al Congreso su lucha por los derechos reproductivos 4390 In the News Fox News Latino
Actress Diane Guerrero, Whose Family Was Deported, Honors DREAMers' Moms 4389 In the News Press Release
Waiting Periods and the Rising Price of Abortion 4388 In the News Press Release
Texas women are running out of options 4387 In the News MSNBC
State Legislatures Put Up Flurry of Roadblocks to Abortion 4386 In the News New York Times
The third rail of abortion politics is funding 4385 In the News MSNBC
Members Of Congress Introduce Groundbreaking Bill To Help More Women Afford Abortion 4384 In the News Think Progress
How the Texas Legislature's Policies Disproportionately Harm Latinas 4383 In the News Cosmopolitan