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House Appropriations Committee Passes Abortion Restriction for Detained Women 4061 RH Reality Check
House bill takes VAWA name, leaves Latinas behind 503 Press Release Press Release
House Lawmakers Launch Latest Attack on Basic Women’s Health: Latinas’ Health Caught in the Crossfire 285 Press Release Breaking News
House Passes Ban on Abortion Coverage by Insurers in Obamacare Exchanges 4538 In the News MSNBC
House Passes Gynecologic Cancer Education and Awareness Act of 2005 (Johanna's Law) 221 Press Release Breaking News
House Resumes War on Women, Rules Committee Tees Up H.R. 3 Vote 470 Press Release Press Release
How a Fake Phone Number Teaches Guys About Feminism 4060 In the News Yahoo! News
How Arizona’s New Anti-Immigrant Bills Target Women 358 In the News Colorlines
How Reproductive Health Fared in the 84th Legislature 4308 In the News Press Release
How Texas Politicians Just Made Finding a Lump in Your Breast Even Scarier 4307 In the News The Nation
How the Texas Legislature's Policies Disproportionately Harm Latinas 4383 In the News Cosmopolitan
How Women Deal with Unwanted Pregnancies When Abortion Isn't Legal 4513 In the News Vice
HPV Vaccination Immigration Requirement Rescinded 328 In the News Ms. Magazine
Human Trafficking Senate Compromise Will Deny Abortion Funding to Survivors 4391 In the News RH Reality Check
Human Trafficking: A Reproductive Justice Issue 300 In the News ACLU Blog of Rights
Hyde abortion restrictions targeted 438 In the News The Washington Times
Hyde Amendment Restrictions Impose Harsh Costs on Low-Income Latinas 335 In the News RH Reality Check
If Women’s March Was ‘Beginning of a Resistance,’ What’s Next? 4536 In the News MSNBC
Immigrant rights activist ‘targeted’ and detained by ICE during routine check-in in Arizona: ICE says that they do not target individuals for making speaking out against the agency 4764 In the News
Immigrant seekers won't have to get HPV vaccine 329 In the News MSNBC
Immigrant Woman Could Face Deportation After She Tried To Go To The Doctor 4336 In the News Think Progress
Immigrant Women Stand United in Opposition to Race-based Abortion Ban 489 Press Release Press Release
Immigrant women’s advocates announce principles for inclusive, humane immigration reform 540 Press Release Press Release
Immigrant Women’s Advocates Applaud New Family Unity Immigration Policy 532 Press Release Press Release
Immigrant women’s advocates commend passage of Violence Against Women Act 541 Press Release Press Release