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Congress Votes to Fund Trump Administration’s White Nationalist Agenda 4741 Press Release Press Release
Congresswomen defend birth control for all 405 In the News People's World
Conservatives Argue that Legalized Abortion Encourages Illegal Immigration 222 Press Release Breaking News
Continúa controversia por inclusion de anticonceptivos en planes de seguros 394 In the News Telemundo
Contraception and sex ed enjoy wide Latino support, poll finds 422 In the News NBC Latino
Controversy Surrounds HHS Contraception Mandate 401 In the News ReBlog
Court orders FDA to reconsider decision on access to emergency contraception 448 Press Release Press Release
Court rules in favor of EC access for young women 215 Press Release Breaking News
Court Upholds Key Part of Texas Abortion Law 4299 In the News Press Release
Debt Deal at High Cost for Latinas - Fight Not Over 280 Press Release Breaking News
Debunking the Myth That Latinos Are Anti-Choice 4220 In the News
Declaración del Instituto Nacional de Latinas para la Salud Reproductiva Sobre la Decisión de la Corte Suprema en el Caso Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt 4458 Press Release Press Release
Defeat of Blunt Amendment ensures critical access to health care 491 Press Release Press Release
Defensoras Latinas de la salud condenan nuevo ataque al derecho de ciudadanía por nacimiento 535 Press Release Press Release
Defensores por Derechos de Mujeres e Inmigrantes Lucharon en Contra de Proyectos de Ley Perjudiciales 4570 Press Release Press Release
DeFrates: Denying birthright citizenship is wrong 4281 In the News The Houston Chronicle
Denying OTC Access to Plan B Disproportionately Affects Latina Teens 373 In the News RH Reality Check
Derrota de la enmienda Blunt asegura acceso crítico al cuidado de salud 492 Press Release Press Release
Despite Opposition from Reproductive Health and Immigrants’ Rights Advocates, House Committee Passes Restrictions on Women's Health in Homeland Security Bill 3986 Press Release Press Release
Detained Immigrant Women Are Facing A Grueling Abortion Struggle 4620 In the News Bustle
Dominican women play (abortion) doctor 336 In the News Broadsheet
Don't let DREAM die! 255 Press Release Breaking News
DR. Pablo Rodriguez named to Board of National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health 451 Press Release Press Release
Draconian Move by Homeland Security Puts Immigrant Women, Families at Risk 281 Press Release Breaking News