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National Latina Institute Financial Cooperation

Friday, September 4, 2015
Press Release

National Latina Institute for reproductive health is an important national reproductive justice organization. Its mission is to offer the best health services for about 26 million Latinas from the USA. This organization is taking care of the entire community. It was set up back in 1994. NLIRH continues to represent Latina community’s interests nowadays, as well. The most important aspects it is dealing with are abortion access and affordability, dignity and justice, and immigrant women’s health and rights. NLIRH also considers that community organizing and people’s involvement through sponsorship will make Latinas and immigrant women’s lives matter.

People working for NLIRH

The organization is run by a national Board of Directors along with Latina leaders. These people are social activists, physicians, lawyers, and researchers. Their goal is to mobilize as many people as possible and to raise the consciousness about the relevant issues at a national and international level. Read the full list of people in charge on the following link:

Importance of NLIRH for the Latinas

The Latinas and other minorities are still facing problems blending into the USA society. Health care makes it even harder for them, and this is where racism and poverty become highly outlined. By providing health care for the Latinas and other minority communities, this lack of inequality will start fading away.

Reproductive justice

NLIRH represents a movement that supports human rights and social change for Latinas. This movement led to a new reproductive justice framework (RJ). The group’s goal is to offer justice, dignity, and health for everybody in need, especially women of color, young parents, immigrants, and low-income people. Women are the ones who ensure the society’s future through reproduction. There is something wrong with our society as this stopped being so relevant. If you are part of the communities that NLIRH focuses on, then you know that having a baby has begun being pricey. Health care cannot be achieved by everybody and life seems to be quite expensive. Some families want to experience parenthood, but this is just impossible.

Are you one of those families?

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