MI LOLA Presents RJ Bingo/Loteria with Gloria Steinem!

MI LOLA Presents RJ Bingo/Loteria with Gloria Steinem!

Friday, November 2, 2012

RJ Loteria RJ Loteria Board

Last Tuesday, Oct. 23, our incredible activists at MI LOLA hosted a truly memorable event: Reproductive Justice Bingo/Loteria with Gloria Steinem.

For those of you who have never played Mexican Loteria, here is a picture of a typical loteria set. We decided to take this traditional game, and spruce it up by changing up old cards and adding new ones like (as pictured here): Vote on Nov. 6; Same sex marriage; a Vagina; a Condom, Birth Control Pills.

This event with Gloria Steinem is one of several events MI LOLA has hosted over the course of the past few weeks as a means to engage Latinos in Miami, to show their power by making their voice heard through their vote.

Gloria Steinem & MI LOLA candid Gloria Steinem and MI LOLA co-founders, Jersey Garcia, Erika Cordoba

Reproductive Justice Bingo/Loteria with Gloria Steinem took place at PAX (Performing Arts Exchange) Miami, a great space in Downtown Miami. The night started off with a brief Meet & Greet with Gloria Steinem, hosted by Jersey Garcia, MI LOLA Coordinator.

Taking our cues from our Poderosa Activists in Texas, we began to set up our Loteria boards equipped with beans as place holders. After a quick exchange with Gloria Steinem, our participants were ready to play Loteria while also getting a lesson on the importance of going out to vote this November 6th.

As each Loteria card was chosen, we were able to hear Gloria Steinem's view on how each topic related back to Reproductive Health, the upcoming election, history, or a combination of all three. Ms. Steinem said, "...Understand the power we have in the voting booth ..." Your vote IS your voice. In this informal setting, participants could get a deeper understanding of the true importance of Reproductive Health, Rights, and Justice on all of our lives, regardless of age, sex, gender, sexual orientation, etc.  We were reassured that the work that we do as Reproductive Health/Right/Justice advocates is the single issue that will affect the lives of everyone in the country.

At the close of this spectacular night, we all left PAX changed people -- regenerated warriors in this Reproductive Justice fight, now armed, ready, and focused on November 6th.

Remember to take the Pledge! Make your voice heard on November 6th!

In the words of Gloria Steinem "...we're taking our vaginas back!"

Liz Guerra, Gloria Steinem, and Jessica Gonzalez-Rojas