Our Voice Matters: Registering and Educating Voters in Texas

Our Voice Matters: Registering and Educating Voters in Texas

Friday, October 5, 2012

Soy poderosa, and my voice matters. That's the final push from now until Election Day. However, there is more to activism than just voting, and that's evident in the work being done in Texas led by several poderosas from our Latina Advocacy Network (LAN).

Health fair in Texas activist's homeFrom September 24 to 29 they held various events in Texas, starting with a health fair. It took place in an activist’s home, and over 35 people attended and 9 registered to vote. Can you imagine the energy in the room and the desire to make a difference? Participants learned how critical it is to ensure their voices are heard, whether it is through voting or through speaking with friends or family members about the importance of voting.

After discussing the importance of voting, everyone enjoyed one another's company by playing lotería, or bingo, and eating a home-cooked meal. These are the moments that matter the most, being able to connect with activist on a personal level and share stories. It's also fun (duh)! Voting is not a sole person’s decision, or one voice being heard. That person will be voting for thousands who are not being listened to. How can one vote without knowing the issues affecting the community they are representing?

One of the Texas LAN leaders, Lucy Felix (who was featured on our Poderosa profiles), participated in a White House briefing on Wednesday the 25th of September to talk about the work they are doing around the Rio Grande Valley. This was her experience:

The White House briefing was an unforgettable experience! As part of the panel I spoke about the importance of promotoras and all the work being done in the Valley. It was as if all the stories of the women I’ve worked with were united in one, and their challenges and success were expressed through me. For me, it is an honor to be able to speak about how PODEROSAS we are and how privileged I am to work with them! There are no words to express how much potential and desire for change there is every time we get together and successfully execute an event in which we educate others and grow more as leaders. Seeing all these women transform into even bigger fighters that want to create a better society and change many of the broken systems is the best gift God has ever given me! I also want to thank the Latina Institute for allowing us to participate in such amazing events that really highlight how extraordinary all these women are.


Lucy Felix, wearing our Poderosa shirt, at the White House briefingLucy Felix, wearing our Poderosa shirt, at the White House briefing.

And finally, to finish off the week, the Texas LAN held two more community gatherings in which dozens of people participated and registered to vote as well. It's not enough for politicians to simply say nice things on TV -- there are people like Lucy on the ground, making sure that our communities have the information they need to make an informed choice  in the voting booth. The Texas LAN will continue to hold more events until Election Day -- contact us to get involved!

Regardless of our identities, our voices matter and we have the power to influence those around us. With our actions and stories we are able to change minds and hearts. Texas is pushing hard to not only educate the community, but to lift the voices of Latinas everywhere.

Are you interested in taking part of the Soy Poderosa and my voice matters campaign? There may be an event in your state! Contact us!


The Community Mobilization Team