Poderosas take action: Tell your governor to expand Medicaid!

Poderosas take action: Tell your governor to expand Medicaid!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

This week is about taking action and showing our PODER, and we are focusing in on our governors. As the Affordable Care Act (ACA) continues to be implemented, we must be diligent in our advocacy to make sure that its benefits get to as many people as possible. In the spirit of action, NLIRH is providing you with two very easy ways to take action.

One easy way to take action is to tweet your governor and tell them to make sure to expand Medicaid. Don't know your governor's handle? Easy - we've compiled a list for you right here. All governors or governors' offices have a twitter account with the exception of Wyoming (sorry Wyoming!), so the vast majority of you will be able to find your governor's handle and let them know that you support Medicaid expansion in your state. Here are a couple of sample tweets:

  • .@[YourGov] #Medicaid is crucial for #Latina health. I support expansion in my state! #ACA #SoyPoderosa

Or, if you know your governor has already committed to expanding Medicaid, it's important to show your support as well:

  • .@[YourGov] Thank you for supporting #Medicaid expansion in our state! #Latinas deserve access to care. #ACA #SoyPoderosa

Putting a period (or any other punctuation) before the @ makes your tweet public and visible to others (in addition to just your governor), so make sure to do that so we can spur others into action as they see your tweets as well!

You ca also write your governor a letter, and tell them to continue the implementation of the ACA and to make sure to expand Medicaid in your state.