Yo Te Apoyo

Your Family. Your Future. Your Decision. Yo Te Apoyo. I Support You.

Lifting Voices of Support for a Woman’s Ability to Make Her Own
 Decisions about Her Pregnancy, Her Family, and Her Future


31 Days of Unity

For the 31 days of Unity campaign, we’re asking poderosas around the country to show their support for women and their ability to make decisions about their reproductive health through social media. Please send us a photo of you with the Yo Te Apoyo/ I Support You sign.


You can tweet it to us at @NLIRH with the hashtag #31DaysofUnity and #YoTeApoyo or email it to cm [dot] nlirh [at] gmail [dot] com.


Help us collect more pictures by sharing this on social media!


Cameras ready? Support women's right to access #reprohealth w/ a photo of you saying #YoTeApoyo! bit.ly/14U2H5l#31DaysofUnity

queremos igualdad de acceso al cuidado de salud reproductiva de la mujer bit.ly/14U2H5l #YoTeApoyo#31DaysofUnity


Show your support for women across the country and their ability to make decisions about their own reproductive health. Send National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health a photo of yourself during #31DaysofUnity holding the sign #YoTeApoyo (I Support You). bit.ly/14U2H5l






January 22 marks the 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, the historic Supreme Court decision that protected a woman’s right to safe and legal abortion in the United States. The National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health (NLIRH) is celebrating this historic victory for women’s health by kicking off a week of events across the country, including: receptions, speakouts, social media and online actions, and online trainings. NLIRH is also partnering with the team behind the award-winning film “Entre nos” to host movie screenings and discussions in a city near you.

We are also launching a new campaign called “Yo Te Apoyo. I support you.” to lift the voices of the Latino community and our allies in support of our sisters, our daughters, our primas, our Tias, and any woman who is making a difficult decision about her pregnancy, her family, and her future. By standing up and standing together, we will fight back against outdated conservative myths about Latin@ views on abortion, as well as harmful policies that would deny women the care they need. The truth is: our community is supportive. And getting more supportive every day. Together, we will show our support for every woman’s ability to make her own decisions about when and whether to become a parent.

Will you stand with us and show your support for the women in your life? Here’s how you can get involved:

Show your support. Say “Yo Te Apoyo. I Support You.”

  • Tell us, in a few simple sentences (or in a quick video) about a time you HAVE or WOULD support a friend or family member who was thinking about or had decided to end a pregnancy, for example:
  • Did you provide a shoulder to lean on or a listening ear? Did you help her find a clinic? Did you go with her? How did you support her? And why? If you haven’t yet, WOULD you do those things for someone you cared about?
  • Do you speak out about reproductive justice? Are you a policymaker, blogger, writer, artists, volunteer, activist, community educator or promotora? Tell us why you support women with your work and words.

Looking for more ways to get involved?

  • Share the “Yo Te Apoyo” video with friends and family on Facebook and Twitter
  • Attend a Cafecito Style Movie Screening of Entre Nos in your city . Bring a friend! Or host your own event, register here
  • Register for our e-LOLA Talking About Abortion Communications Training on January 22nd!
  • Tweet your “Yo Te Apoyo” messages throughout the week using  #YoTeApoyo

Help us commemorate this important victory by building the movement that our families and communities need for health, dignity and justice for all. For more information on how to get active with National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health, please contact, Karina [at] latinainstitute [dot] org.


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And don’t forget to check out our blog “Nuesta Vida, Nuestra Voz” for news, commentary, and updates from our activists: http://latinainstitute.wordpress.com/


“Every woman deserves a shoulder to lean on, a listening ear, a hand to hold. Our communities hold close the values of family, respect, and cariño; we take care of eachother. That’s what Yo Te Apoyo is all about –respecting and supporting a woman’s ability to make her own decisions about pregnancy, her family, and her future.”

                                  ~ Jessica Gonzalez-Rojas, NLIRH Executive Director