Annual Report

The National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health (NLIRH) is excited to share its Annual Report for 2010 – 2011, which highlights our accomplishments over the past year. As the only national Latina health and reproductive justice organization representing an increasingly diverse and growing Latina population, NLIRH continues to challenge new obstacles and advance the reproductive health and justice of Latinas, their families and their communities.

  • Over the past year, NLIRH has been a leading organization in the fight for abortion access.  From lobbying in the halls of Congress to talking to the media, we have ensured that the Latina voice was influential in the abortion debates.
  • Our 2010 publication, Removing Stigma: Towards a Complete Understanding of Young Latinas’ Sexual Health has promoted new perspectives and creative policy solutions that will allow young women to access affordable, confidential and unbiased services and information.
  • With new funding from the Arcus Foundation to launch our LGBTQ Latin@ Health Initiative, NLIRH has worked as an ally organization in the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer (LGBTQ) movement, addressed homophobia and heterosexim in Latin@ communities, and ensured that our policy recommendations on health care access take into account the needs of the LGBTQ community.
  • As a co-founder of the National Coalition for Immigrant Women’s Rights (NCIWR), NLIRH has also worked hard to protect the 14th Amendment, elevate the voices of immigrant women, and push back against dehumanizing rhetoric and direct attacks on Latina immigrants and our families.